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The PressFile via eCare: Let us share screens with you to provide support, send files, or show you how the PressFile can work better for you. This service is available to all PressFile clients with current support agreements. Contact us first to check on your support status, by writing, or call us:

USA: 8-PressFile (that's 877/377-3453)
International: +305 273-6096

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The PressFile via eCare

Help resources:

The PressFile Manual: Getting Started with the PressFile


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is the PressFile sometimes responding slowly?

The PressFile is a multi-user database that makes your changes instantly available to hundreds of your colleagues over your network. With longer lists of contacts, you may experience a few seconds of waiting for a list to appear on screen.

To improve the responsiveness of the PressFile, make sure that your network speed is 100baseT, and confirm that your client and server hardware meet the minimum standards for a PressFile installation. For more info on those standards, write

Why can I sometimes not modify a person's record? I receive a message saying that someone is modifying this record.

In a multi-user database, only one person can modify a record at one time. You can see the data for that record, but you can't change it until the other user exits that record.

When I attempt to open the PressFile, I am told I need plug-ins or a new version of FileMaker Pro.

The PressFile requires FileMaker Pro 6 or higher, and also requires a set of FileMaker plug-ins. Speak with your support staff to ensure that you have those plug-ins in place.

When I click on a row, the button seems to get stuck, and I have to click again to select the row. Why is this happening?

This is a known issue on MacOS X with FileMaker Pro. On some hardware configurations, certain buttons occasionally 'stick'. Try clicking more slowly, or remove third-party hardware such as external trackballs and pointing devices.

To receive help via email, write, or call us:

USA: 8-PressFile (that's 877/377-3453)
International: +305 273-6096